The new Vennekel pole bag Pro

Individuality paired with the highest quality
Stabhochsprungstab in einer Leichtathletik Halle

The advantages of the new Vennekel pole bag Pro at a glance

High quality material:
  • Use of the strongest tarpaulin fabric for maximum protection of the poles
  • Ends reinforced with tough leather for extra durability
Clever fastening system:
  • Snap hook at the end of the lid, which hooks into a shackle for quick and secure closing
  • No more annoying straps, especially important when transporting on the car roof
Flexible adjustment
  • The shackles can be attached in five different positions so that the length of the cover can be adjusted
  • Integrated D-ring at the end for attaching a warning sign, which is required by the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)
Individual design options:
  • Available in individual colours on request
  • Labelling with name, club name, personal motto or club crest possible
  • Use of resistant paint for long-lasting labelling
Design and recognisability:
  • Exciting design with diagonal colours
  • For example, black-red-yellow, other national or club colours
  • Quality “Made in Germany”
Black, red and gold transport bag for pole vault poles
grey - black transport bag for pole vault poles