Perfectly equipped from start to finish

The intoxication of speed

In the rush of speed, the track and field athletes want to concentrate completely on themselves and their technique. For this, it is important to be able to rely 100% on the equipment. A starting block that optimally enables power transmission as well as a hurdle or an obstacle that can be perfectly focused and does not pose an unnecessary risk of injury are essential. Vennekel offers you selected equipment for the running area of athletics. Personal advice included!

Hurdle race

At Vennekel you will find a selection of training and competition hurdles of different functionalities and price ranges. There is a suitable hurdle for every need.


Whether track or waterjump steeplechase hurdle or also training steeplechase hurdle in smaller dimensions, e.g. for indoor training – here you will find what you are looking for.

Grün-schwarzer Wettkampfstartblock für die Leichtathletik

Starting blocks

Already the start can decide about victory or defeat. To avoid giving away the first tenths at the start, the choice of a high-quality starting block is crucial.