Safety covers for high jump mats

Best protection against storms, vandalism and rodents

Value and function preservation

With our safety cover, you can optimally protect your high jump mat from damage caused by weather and vandalism. The service life of the high jump mat is significantly optimised. Our high-quality and robust safety cover safely withstands the highest loads, heavy rain, snow loads and storms. Likewise, the safety cover protects against trespassing and loitering.

Safety Cover for High Jump Pit

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  • Weatherproof, as made of aluminium
  • Optimal protection of the high jump mat against weather, vandalism and rodents
  • Lockable with lock
  • Sliding smoothly

Optimal protection of a high jump mat against weather, vandalism and rodents is achieved with a safety cover. The mobile “garage” is driven over the landing mat and locked. In the standard version, the cover consists of two halves. Optionally, this can be equipped with a flap on the front side, see below.

Except for the wheels, the safety cover is made entirely of aluminium and is therefore rustproof and virtually indestructible. The individual parts were welded under tension, which ensures a load capacity of 300 kg / m². Stepping on the cover is therefore unproblematic. The large, concealed plastic wheels make the safety cover easy to move. The tension locks for connecting and closing the cover can be secured with a padlock against unintentional opening if required.

Available sizes:

400 x 300 cm

500 x 300 cm

600 x 300 cm

600 x 400 cm

Special sizes on request

Optional: Front flap

If there is only space on one side of the mat

If the safety cover is to be used and moved in one piece as a whole, we optionally manufacture the cover with a front flap.
After opening the flap, the safety cover can be moved as a whole over the high jump mat.
Optional: Steering wheels

For the highest mobility

Optionally, we equip the safety cover with steering wheels. This simplifies steering and positioning of the cover. Cornering and changes of direction are thus easily possible.

This is necessary, for example, if the safety cover cannot or should not be left in front of or behind the high jump mat for the jumping operation.

Optional: lowering device

Protects the substrate and keeps rodents out

With the help of the optional lowerable mat protection device, the safety cover can be completely lowered onto its frame in a few simple steps.

As with the foldable mat protector, rodents are prevented from accessing the inside of the high jump mat.

Another great advantage of the lowering device is an even load distribution of the cover. The weight of the safety cover thus no longer rests only on the wheels, which can lead to punctual pressure damage to the plastic sheet, but is distributed evenly.

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