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Welcome to TeamPacer!

We raise the bar for athlete success by pushing the boundaries with each new pole vault pole and evolving our offering to enhance the strengths and vaulting style of every pole vaulter. Welcome to TeamPacer! We raise the bar for athlete success by pushing the boundaries with each new pole vault pole and evolving our offering to enhance each pole vaulter’s strengths and vaulting style.

The Pacer Advantage

PACER pole vaulting poles from the traditional company GILL Athletics have been among the most successful on the market for decades. Many Olympic and world champions rely on PACER poles. The range offers the perfect pole for every type of jumper. The one-year replacement guarantee in case of breakage* is also unique. And at Vennekel you also get free and expert advice!

Pacer offers high-performance pole vault poles for beginners to professionals.
All models are designed with Best FlexTM technology, which guarantees a harmonious transition from bar to bar. Regardless of length, weight or model. n addition, Pacer poles are the only pole vault poles in the world with a one-year guarantee!
Pacer keeps raising the bar – and you can too!

Pacer ONE

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  • More time to roll up
  • Easier to control
  • Robust
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • 1 year warranty*

A bestseller!

For a long time, there was only top or flop when it came to choosing a pole vault pole. With the Pacer ONE, there is now a cheaper but still high-quality pole vault pole, which is particularly robust due to the use of extra strong fibreglass. A Pacer ONE will be a stick in your inventory that will be a faithful training and competition partner for many generations of jumpers as they learn their first flights.
Due to the special construction, the bar extension is slightly slower than on the Pacer FXV, which gives the jumper time in the course of the jump and thus makes it much easier to roll up and reach the I-position.

We therefore recommend the Pacer ONE especially for children’s and youth training and for our athletes in the master classes.

Lengths and stiffnesses

Pacer One lengths and stiffness


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Pacer FXV

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  • Improved and more harmonious bending
  • Strong bar stretching
  • Reliable flex figures
  • Fast availability
  • 1 year warranty*

GILL’s flagship product – the Pacer FXV – is the most advanced fibreglass pole vaulting pole on the market.
The processed S-fibreglass ensures a comfortable carrying weight and the patented construction guarantees a strong pole extension which is noticeable with a greater cant. Thanks to Best FlexTM technology, the transition from one pole to the other is extremely harmonious, so that the jumper does not experience any nasty surprises when changing poles.

The Pacer FXV is a great pole for any type of jumper and any gender.

Lengths and stiffnesses

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Pacer Composite

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  • Significantly reduced bar and carrying weight
  • Explosive bar stretching with best possible energy return
  • Reliable flex figures
  • 1 year warranty*

The new Pacer COMPOSITE combines state-of-the-art T2-FiberTM with carbon fibre and lightweight S-Glass for a new generation of advanced pole vault poles.
The perfect pole for performance-oriented athletes who have matured technical ability. The Pacer COMPOSITE uses the same flex technology as the Pacer FXV and therefore fits perfectly into the series of existing Pacer poles. The patented construction of the pole allows for a very light carrying weight, increased tensile strength and exceptional energy return. The new composite technology also makes the pole extremely robust and durable.

Lengths and stiffnesses

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Pacer pole vault poles – a success story


Pacer begins

George Moore started a small track and field company named Pacer.


Browning Sky Pole

Browning Sky Pole’s Hi-Density tubular laminated fiberglass cushioned the impact of the box and caused initial climb to be less abrupt by absorbing momentum. This stored momentum was later released in the form of lift, or power thrust, at the crest of the climb.


Rankin vaulting method

Dave Rankin, sponsored by Harry Gill Company, developed the first uniform procedure for determining correct hand-holds based on the vaulter’s weight and normal sag of his fiberglass pole. Computers were used to establish all the measurements. The Rankin Method helps eliminate broken poles, muscle strains, and awkward landings. A year later the method proves successful.



The finest fiberglass vaulting pole available at the time, the Cata-Pole. A pole had the ability to bend the required distance and return the thrust thus stored in the pole rapidly and consistently. Every model of Cata-Pole dod this job equally well.


Cata-Pole 550+

Designed for the real champion. This pole was intended for the vaulter with the high hand grip. The extra six inches of length was the plus needed for those higher hand grips. Its longer and stronger and faster reacting. This was the pole for that “special” vaulter.


Black Cata-Pole

This model Cata-Pole raised the world record to 18’-1/4”. The Standard Cata-Pole was available in a complete range of sizes. Available in twelve, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen foot lengths, in weight classifications from 110 thru 195 pounds.

Cata-Pole G.A.M

For beginner vaulters, this twelve foot training pole was easier to bend and smaller in diameter than the standard Cata-Pole. The GAM poles were ideal for learning the fundamentals. They were strong enough to take the rough treatment of beginners.


Pacer III (First pole to feature spiral inner wrap)

Designed and manufactured by the master of fiberglass poles, Herb Jenks the Pacer III was engineered to bring out the top potential of the novice vaulter. It could  withstand the rigorous record setting pace of the world class vaulters. It was lighter in weight and rugged in design and was faster reacting due to a new and unique method of wrapping.


Pacer joins GILL Athletics

Moves to Urbana, IL



Pacer Poles were made from state-of-the-art materials using a unique patented spiral wrapping technique. This gave the pole more “hoop strength” to help the pole retain its shape when it bent and gave the pole a fast return. This enabled the vaulter to get the most out of each vault.

Pacer Carbon

Pure Energy in its truest form. This pole was the ultimate in vaulting pole technology. Years of research went into developing the lightest and most powerful pole on the market. A special combination of fiberglass and carbon made the Pacer Carbon 20% lighter than any pole made.

Pacer Technique

The Pacer Technique pole was a state of the art training tool. The Gill Sports Research and Development team had designed the poles to reach similar to a competition pole but with the advantages of a training pole. A vaulter can take a number of vaults from a short run without the intensity it takes for a competition pole from a long run.


Ms. Stic Women’s Vaulting Pole

Gill introduced a pole specially designed for the needs of the female vaulter. The Ms. Stic was designed for an easier bend and less stress at the plant. The Ms. Stic featureed a range of smaller lengths and weights which are unavailable in the standard Pacer and Skypole lines.


BestFlex Tech

BestFlex System ensures the most accurate flex rating available for the easiest transition between poles. Before using any pole, consult the BestFlex rating chart which accompanies poles from Gill Track and Field to determine if the pole is suitable for use.


Pacer Novice

The Pacer Novice Pole was guaranteed to build confidence in the novice to intermediate vaulter. This unique pole gave a slower, smoother vault facilitating the development of proper technique. Great for competition or practice.

Pacer Ms. Stic Carbon

The Ms. Stic Carbon was designed to meet the demands of the advanced female vaulter. The integration of fiberglass and carbon fiber resulted in a pole that was lighter, faster, and had a smaller grip than any other women’s pole.



The CarbonFX was the world’s one and only carbon fiber pole. A special integration of S-type fiberglass and carbon fiber produced a pole that was lighter, has a smaller grip and provides a bit more “horsepower” than conventional poles.


The PacerFX featured the same construction and performance characteristics as the CarbonFX but without the carbon fiber. The revolutionary design of the PacerFX facilitated optimal harmony between pole and vaulter. All else being equal, the PacerFX will produce higher clearance.

Pacer Mystic

America’s #1 women’s pole got a redesign. The Ms. Stic became the Pacer Mystic. It was engineered for the female vaulter and features the smallest possible grip diameter and a lower sail piece to accommodate the needs of women vaulters. An increased prebend makes learning to bend the pole less threatening.

Carbon Mystic

The Carbon Mystic, formally known as the Pacer Ms. Stic Carbon, was designed for advanced female vaulters. The integration of fiberglass and carbon fiber resulted in a pole that is lighter, faster, and has a small grip than any other women’s pole


Carbon Weave

The Weave™ series vaulting poles were the result of three years of worldwide field-testing and analysis at our state of the art manufacturing center. The Weave™ design gives vaulters a more forgiving pole at take-off. Designed to roll to vertical more efficiently, the Weave™ provides the vaulter with an easier synchronization to the unbending of the pole during the later stages of the vault.


New CarbonFX

Designed for the advanced vaulter, the new Pacer CarbonFX pole incorporated the latest carbon material to produce the world’s lightest and strongest vaulting pole. Lighter poles equal faster runway speeds. Put more speed in your vault today!

New Carbon Mystic

Designed for the smaller advanced vaulter, the Carbon Mystic pole incorporated the same state of the art technology as the CarbonFX pole, but with a smaller grip diameter.


Pacer One

The Pacer One is a versatile, economical pole for every vaulter. The design “slows down” the bend allowing more time to rotate into vertical position.


Pacer FXV

Gill’s flagship pole is made from an S-fiberglass and is designed to be a consistent through the series pole. This creates a smooth transition for a vaulter moving from one pole to the next. It performs well for all styles of jumpers.


Pacer Composite (New! T2 Fiber)

The Pacer Composite blends proprietary T2-Fiber with Carbon Fiber and light weight S-Glass to create the next generation pole design for the advanced and technical vaulter. It utilizes Pacer FXV technology to match the length and flex needs of Pacer poles. It achieves a lighter carry weight, increased tensile strength and superior energy return

*Guarantee conditions

If your new pole breaks during a jump within one year, we will replace the pole free of charge with the same model with the same specifications.
All we need from you is clear documentation that the pole broke during a jump and not as a result of external force. To exclude previous damage, we can also request the broken pieces of the pole for analysis.