Sand Pit Covers

Keeps every long jump pit and beach volleyball court clean

Sand pit and sand court covers

Vennekel sand pit covers and sand pit covers offer optimal protection against contamination and drifting sand. They are made of water-permeable fabric and are fully welded for durability. Damage-prone seams are a thing of the past with the Vennekel sand pit cover. The circumferentially integrated link chain serves as edge weighting and can also be used for locking with a padlock. All Vennekel sand pit covers are made to the required size.

Vennekel® Sand Pit Cover

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  • Best possible protection against contamination
  • Breathable
  • Stable position due to edge weighting
  • Anti-theft protection
  • No seams, therefore particularly durable

Vennekel sand court covers are equally suitable for long jump and triple jump pits, beach volleyball courts and sand pits. They provide optimum protection against contamination of the sand by leaves, animal excrement or other foreign matter. The maintenance and cleaning effort of the sand courts is thus considerably reduced and hygiene is increased. The custom-fit production is made to measure and Made in Germany. Thanks to the circumferential link chain in the hem, the Vennekel jump pit cover lies particularly stable and can therefore also be laid over the pit without additional fastening. The extremely stable, robust and UV-resistant lattice fabric can also withstand being stepped on with spikes and thus ensures an extremely long service life, which is additionally increased by the absence of any seams.

Color variants
Optional accessories

The stainless steel ground sleeves (for setting in concrete) can be used to additionally secure the jump pit cover. It is hung at the corners and locked if desired. Unauthorised uncovering of the sand pitches is thus prevented.

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