High Jump

Our DNA since 1972

Only flying is more beautiful

… this also applies to the high jump. The more air between you and the ground, the better! To ensure that the air time is as long as possible and the landing back on earth is safe, Vennekel has been your reliable partner in the high jump for over 50 years. Outstanding high jump mats, functional high jump standards, protective support grids from below and the safety cover from above, at Vennekel you get all high jump equipment perfectly harmonized and from one source. Get in touch with us and let us advise you!

Grün schwarze Hochsprungmatte der Marke Vennekel

High Jump Mat Pro

Professional in every aspect: flexibility, manageability, safety and design – our Pro high jump mat is groundbreaking in every aspect.

High Jump Uprights

High-quality and functional high jump uprights for club and competition sports. Thought out down to the last detail and harmonized with our support grids and mats, there are no limits to the flights of fancy.

Vennekel Hochsprungmatte für den Teamsport

High Jump Mat Team

Our most popular high jump mat, which has proven itself in club sports as well as in competitive sports. The well thought-out concept makes the Vennekel high jump mat SpikeFlex Team a robust all-rounder. Available in different ground sizes and heights, there is a suitable high jump mat for every need.

More products

Complete your high jump mat with the appropriate accessories. Whether you need additional protection from above or below or a High Jump Crossbar suitable for competition – you’ll find it here!