Pacer and Vennekel support decathlete Felix Wolter

Attack on the Olympic ticket
Zehnkämpfer mit einem Stabhochsprungstab im Anlauf

The big goal in sight

On May 28, 2023, decathlete Felix Wolter finally burst the knot. With six personal best within one decathlon, the 26-year-old athlete from TSV Gräfelfing increased his overall personal best by a fat 290 points to 8,170 points. As if that were not enough, he went one better at the Thorpe Cup in Marburg in August, where he won the competition with 8,299 points. A major contribution to this was his insane jump in the long jump with which he sailed to an unbelievable 8.01m.

But the other disciplines are also impressive for the youngest member of the 8,000-strong club. With a best performance of 5.00 m in the pole vault, this discipline also regularly contributes good scores to the overall result.

These performances give Felix Wolter a realistic chance in the fight for one of the coveted tickets for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris. 8,460 points are required by World Athletics for this. In addition, it is important to assert oneself against the strong national competition.

Leave no stone unturned

A year of preparation and qualifying competitions lie ahead for the University of Pittsburgh doctoral student. The mindset – that’s right. Physique – stable and greatly improved after injury setbacks of past years. The material – this is where Felix Wolter and his team of coaches and support staff from TSV Gräfelfing have identified potential. In order not to leave these reserves unused, they decided to improve, especially in the equipment with pole vaulting poles. Coach Matthias Schimmelpfennig – known as a man of action – picked up the phone and contacted Michel Frauen, managing director of Foeldeak GmbH, which includes German track and field supplier Vennekel. “We need the best poles for Felix so that he can tickle out one or two more points in the pole vault!” said Matthias Schimmelpfennig. Michel Frauen immediately expressed his willingness to support. Since Felix had already gained positive experience with carbon vaulting poles at his university in the USA, the choice quickly fell on the Pacer Composite. Michel Frauen contacted the responsible persons of the US company GILL, manufacturer of the Pacer pole vaulting poles. There, too, they recognized the potential of the 26-year-old all-around talent and offered him admission to “Team Pacer.” Shortly thereafter, a cooperation agreement was signed between the athlete, manufacturer and supplier that provided for partial sponsorship of the bars needed. An important element in the realization of the project was also the loyal main sponsor of TSV Gräfelfing, the crane and special transport specialist Schmidbauer.

Implementation already carried out

Only a few weeks later, Felix Wolter already took delivery of his new poles, with which he is now optimally equipped for training and competition. For Felix it is now time to prepare for the Olympic qualification. In the pole vault, he can now rely on first-class material and direct his focus to other aspects.

Good success Felix!