Rain Covers for every mat

Maximum protection with a customised design

Design your rain cover

High jump and pole vault mats are an expensive investment. The aim is therefore to achieve a long service life with the best possible protection. With our all-weather protective covers from Vennekel, your mats are optimally protected against wind, rain, snow and sun. Vennekel all-weather protective covers are made of high-quality materials and offer durable and reliable protection for all types of high jump and pole vault mats. We can even produce universal all-weather covers for older and third-party models.

Protection in your club colours – individually printable!

Why should you settle for a standard design when you can design your protective bonnets in your club colours and with your club logo? With the Vennekel rain cover you not only make a visual impression, but also strengthen the team spirit and the identification with your club. You can also offer your club sponsor a great advertising space.

Why Vennekel?

  • Weatherproof: Our covery can withstand the harshest weather conditions.
  • Individual design: Have your caps produced in your club colours and printed with your logo.
  • Durability: Our protective covers are designed for a long service life and will protect your mats for years to come

Order now and represent your club!

If your mat is not yet optimally protected or you are looking for a new protective cover, opt for Vennekel. Go for quality and individuality – protect your mats with style.

Vennekel rain covers – the perfect protection for your mats