Vennekel ­Pole Vault Mats

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Vennekel pole vault mats are available in two sizes:


700 x 500 x 80 cm


800 x 600 x 80 cm


Additional Front Pads

Both versions can be extended by 1 metre in the approach direction to 8 x 5 m and 9 x 6 m respectively, but are otherwise equipped with the same pioneering features.

Pro without stand recess

The SpikeFlex Pro pole vault mat is available in two versions.

In the variant without a pole recess, the pole vault stands are next to the pole vault mat. This ensures maximum safety as the mat is 6 metres wide over its entire length.

Pro with cutouts for Pole Vault Standards

On this version of the SpikeFlex Pro pole vault mat, the position of the pole vault stands is integrated into the mat surface. This design requires less space, which is particularly advantageous in halls or narrow stadium curves.

Modular system

The pole vault mat is designed in a modular construction. It consists of a total of six basic modules and a separate wear mat. The base blocks have the function of energy absorption. It safely dissipates the energy of landings from over 6 metres (Proofed! 6.02 m system record). The wear mat forms the surface and is thus a target for spikes and weathering. This maintains the integrity and function of the base blocks.

Simplified handling: Basic blocks with carrying handles.
Long durability: foams protected by individual covers.
Economic use: Individual components available as spare parts.

Simple connection

All modules of the Vennekel pole vault mat are connected in a simple but safe way. Robust buckles connect the base blocks and the wear mat. In addition, the base modules are connected at the top with joint protection strips.


All base modules are equipped with a non-slip gymnastics mat fabric on the underside, which gives the pole vault mat the best possible grip on the surface.

Wear mat

The wear mat also has its own mat cover, which protects it particularly well. Unique is the thickness of 15 cm, which guarantees an extremely long service life. The new soft foam core ensures a pleasantly soft landing. The proven Vennekel SpikeFlex® mesh protection fabric in flashgreen is used on the top side. The underside of the wear mat is equipped with a rain stop that prevents rainwater from penetrating the base blocks.

Vault box area

The mat core of the base modules around the vault box is made of high-strength PUR foam, which provides additional stability and wear resistance in the highly stressed groove box area. The mat cover is equipped with extremely tear-resistant mesh protection fabric. The safety-relevant gaps in the puncture area are tightly closed with joint tapes to prevent the foot from bending over or the rod from getting stuck. The zero line is attached to the pole vault mat by means of a Velcro-fleece connection, which allows them to be quickly and flexibly adjusted by 20 cm.

Safe landing in the long term

Vennekel pole vault mats are supplied with our proven hollow chamber system mat core. This ensures stability of the mat core for many years and, above all, safe landings even from great heights.

For this reason, we do not use so-called double hollow chamber systems in our pole vault mats to reduce the material.

Design & Material




You can almost call it iconic, the strong Vennekel green. Combined with matt black tarpaulin fabric, the result is an extremely modern and dynamic look for our products, making their value and performance visible to everyone from the outside.

All materials used come from German and European production, are subject to the strictest quality controls and meet the REACH requirements for protection against toxic substances.

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