Vennekel High Jump Mat SpikeFlex Team

The all-rounder for school and competitive sports

More than just standard

Proven construction method further thought out and developed
Use of high-quality materials and highest processing quality
Wide range of use
Maximum safety with the highest landing comfort
Modern and dynamic design

Compact & Robust

3-piece mat cover with all-round and separable zip
original SpikeFlex® grid protection fabric over the entire impact surface
Side height PVC tarpaulin fabric, coated on both sides for maximum weather and sun resistance.
Lattice elements at the front for optimum ventilation of the mat
Floor made of non-slip gymnastics mat fabric

Intermediate layer & Anti-wear-mat cover

Wear mat made of high-quality soft foam with 10 cm thickness, usable on both sides
Intermediate floor between wear mat and mat core to stabilise the mat
Intermediate bottom additionally serves as a rain stop, which prevents the penetration of rainwater into the foam blocks as best as possible

Mat core

Long-proven hollow chamber system. Avoidance of material-saving, so-called double hollow chamber systems
Highly flexible and durable PUR foam with optimal landing properties
Long lasting safety and landing comfort

Our promise

Innovation and highest quality
Top service and personal advice
Made in Germany
Exclusively REACH-compliant materials from European production