Pole vault with a mountain backdrop

New pole vault facility at TSV Rottach-Egern e.V.

The ultimate pole vault experience in Rottach-Egern

This year sees the 15th edition of the international pole vault meeting at Lake Tegernsee. Therefore the inrun with a view of Lake Tegernsee is an absolute crowd-puller.
After 15 years of dream scenery at the pole vault meeting for spectators and professionals, the young athletes can now also enjoy a dream scenery themselves during training.
During the inrun the aspiring pole vaulters from TSV Rottach-Egern e.V. have the Wallberg behind them and the Vennekel® pole vault mat in front of them.

This was made possible by the in-house Vennekel installation team. The entire pole vault facility was installed just in time for the first rays of sunshine in May.
The Vennekel® SpikeFlex Team pole vault mat was placed on an aluminium floor grid and the GILL Athletics S4 pole vault stands were professionally installed and set up next to the mat, providing maximum protection against extreme weather conditions such as snow loads in winter and storms in spring and autumn.

Vennekel wishes the athletes of TSV Rottach-Egern e.V. every success on the new pole vault mat.