Unique event at Lake Tegernsee

15th International Pole Vault Meeting at Lake Tegernsee

This week we would like to turn our attention to the 15th international pole vault meeting at Lake Tegernsee, which will take place on 13. and 14 July in Rottach-Egern. Organised by TSV Rottach-Egern under the leadership of Franz Sollacher, the event promises to be another highlight on the pole vaulting scene.

As in previous events, the pole vaulters will once again take their run-up with a view of Lake Tegernsee. We are particularly proud of the fact that we will be landing on a Vennekel pole vault mat again this year.

In addition to the unique backdrop, this year’s line-up at the meeting is also an absolute highlight. Alongside the German Olympic athletes Oleg Zernikel, Torben Blech and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, the exceptional Turkish pole vaulter Sasma Ersu will attempt to break his record of 5.90 metres from last year.

Renaud Lavillenie’s participation was a coup for the organisers. Lavillenie was already able to set a meeting record (5.95 m) on a Vennekel pole vault mat at the indoor meeting in Karlsruhe in 2021. This year in Rottach-Egern, the former world record holder (6.16m) will once again have the opportunity to set a meeting record on a Vennekel mat.

A similar top line-up is emerging among the female participants. The record holder Holly Bradshaw (4.81 m in 2017) from Great Britain takes her final attempt with a view of Lake Tegernsee. She is ending her successful career after this season. With Emily Grove (USA, 4.75 m), Chloe Timberg (USA, 4.71 m) and Eleni-Klaoudia Polak (Greece, 4.71 m), three athletes who have already jumped over 4.70 m will be fighting for victory.

Vennekel is not only directly involved in the event with the Vennekel SpikeFlex Pro pole vault mat. Managing Director Michel Frauen is once again right in the middle of the event instead of just being there. As in previous years, Christian Köck (First Mayor – Municipality of Rottach-Egern) and Michel Frauen will host the event.

Vennekel wishes all athletes good luck.

Watch it live: Blickpunkt Sport: Leichtathletik: Stabhochsprung-Meeting in Rottach-Egern | 14.07., 14.30 Uhr | Livestream – hier anschauen (ardmediathek.de)