Vennekel® Steeplechase

Vennekel® Steeplechase Barrier
Vennekel® Steeplechase Barrier
Quality without barriers
Like all Vennekel® sports equipment, our barriers are of the highest quality and suitable for (international) competitive sports (IAAF-certified).

Thanks to the integrated weights in the substructure, the barriers are extremely stable and absolutely tilt free - even when several runners are pressing against the beam at the same time. In contrast to barriers with a steel substructure, the use of aluminium guarantees an extremely long service life.

The safety of the athletes is also important to us! Therefore, the feet are not braced together, which reduces the risk of injury when falling in front of a barrier.
The barrier beam is made of extremely stiff glued wood (127 x 127 mm), painted white and classically provided with black stripes. The height of the barrier can be adjusted to 76.2 cm (women) and 91.5 cm (men) according to the competition rules.

We deliver the Vennekel® Steeplechase Barrier in two standard sizes:
5.00 m wide for use as the first barrier after the start to avoid crowds among the runners at the barrier.
3.96 m wide for the other three freestanding barriers. Indoor barrier for training purposes (1.98 m wide) on request!
art. no. barrier width
384070 3.96 m
384071 5.00 m
IAAF certified
We are happy to supply transport carts or transport rolls for the barriers on request. Contact us!
Vennekel® Water Jump Barrier
Vennekel<sup style='font-size:0.6em'>®</sup> Water Jump Barrier
An obstacle you wish for
In addition to the Vennekel® Steeplechase Barrier, the water ditch obstacle is of course also approved for competition use (IAAF-certified).

With a corresponding width of 3.66 m, the 127 x 127 mm barrier beam is made of extremely stiff glued wood and painted white and black.

The two stand pipes (80 x 80 mm) are made of aluminium and are supplied including the special ground sleeves.

The water ditch obstacle can also be adjusted exactly to the height of men and women (76,2 cm bzw. 91,5 cm).
art. no. barrier width
384072 3.66 m
IAAF certified
further products upon request
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