Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits

The new pole vault pit - developed for the highest demand in club and professional track & field sports!

Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • modular construction
  • sturdy and handy
  • highest craftsmanship Made in Germany
  • use of high-grade materials
  • maximum safety
  • highest landing comfort
  • modern and unique design
SpikeFlex® team SpikeFlex® pro
training and national competition training and international competition

our all-rounder,
the classic in club sports
the international standard

DLV IAAF certified
with DLV approval according to IAAF dimensions (with IAAF certificate)
700 x 500 x 80 cm 800 x 600 x 80 cm

  • base mats in single PVC-cover
  • seperate top pad in single PVC-cover
  • the single units are connected with safe and easy to use rugged belt closures
  • fast, easy and gentle assembling, disassembling and storing
  • spare part availability of each single unit
Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • 6 handy units
  • hollow-chamber landing blocks made of highly flexible and long lasting foam with excellent landing comfort over time
  • each base mat uses a single sturdy cover with zip
  • sturdy vinyl mesh on top of each base mat ensures ventilation and de-aeration
  • lateral sides made of coated, sun- and weather resistant vinyl
  • six carry handle on each base unit for easy carrying
  • bottom made of non-slip gymnastic mat material
  • attachment belts on all sides for rain cover fastening
Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • the single units are connected with safe and easy to use rugged belt closures, on the upper side additional with velcro-vinyl-tape system
Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • top pad cover with zip over three sides
  • ultra comfort top pad of 15 cm thickness maximizing comfort and durability
  • original SpikeFlex® protection mesh covers the whole pit surface
  • bottom side made of vinyl, blocking rain and moisture dripping through to the base units
  • top pad is connected to the base units with hidden belt closures
Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • the side and middle base units consist of high density foam for optimized stability and durability of the highly stressed vault box area
  • the whole vault box area is equipped with extra sturdy vinyl mesh
  • gaps are closed to prevent ankle injuries and the pole from getting stuck
  • velcro connection of the zero-line which can be adjusted by 20 cm
Vennekel® Pole Vault Pits
  • the Vennekel Pole Vault Pit SpikeFlex® pro is available with Cutouts for the Standards
  • for increased safety the pit can be extended by 100 cm with additional Fore Mats
  • innovative Slide Rail Padding to protect the athlete from falling onto metal parts
  • innovative and stable Protection Pads for Pole Vault Standards prvent the pole as well as the athlete to hit metal parts of the standards
  • Weather Cover mwith safe and fast in use belt clamps
  • Water Shed Insert, preventing pooling of water on the weather cover
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