Vennekel® Jump Pit Cover

Suitable for long jump pits and triple jump pits, beach volleyball pitches and sandboxes

Application examples
Vennekel® Jump Pit Cover
  • In sport: Jump pit cover for long jump pits and triple jump pits, cover for beach volleyball pitches
  • In the playground: Cover for sandboxes
  • Optimum protection against the contamination of the sand by foliage, animal excrements or other impurities
  • Custom-fit production in own premises and made in Germany
The Vennekel® Jump Pit Cover with circumferential link chain lies particularly firm on the ground and therefore can be placed over the pit without additional fixing
  • stable mesh fabric, hollow seam all around
  • color: flashgreen
  • logo imprint 'vennekel' in two diagonally opposite corners
  • circumferential link chain (6 mm, galvanized) woked into the seam to weigh down the cover
  • 4 open corners with snap hooks to fasten the cover
Vennekel® Jump Pit Cover
Optional accessories:
4 ground sleeves for additional fastening (to set in concrete)
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