Company information

Company information
Foeldeak - at home in the world of martial arts!

The wrestler Jean Földeák (1903–1993), winner of the silver medal at the Xth Olympic Games in Los Angeles (1932), founded the company for the manufacture of sports mats in the year 1946. It was his goal to improve the martial arts athlete´s most important equipment, the mat, with innovative materials and production methods.
Early wrestling mats were made of of straw-filled gunnysacks. The sacks were held down by wooden upholstery buttons so that they were level on the floor. Nowadays you don´t even want to think about how much a throw could hurt you if your elbow or knee hits one of those buttons with full impact.

Today, about 60 years later, we from Foeldeak can claim rightly, that we pursued the founder´s goals consistantly.
The mats that can be bought at Foeldeak nowadays meet all safety standards without difficulty. Whether wrestler, MMA fighter, grappler, judoka or any other martial arts athlete, whether pro, competitive athlete or sports club member, all over the world they all rely on the quality of Foeldeak products.
Not surprisingly Foeldeak® mats are nowadays found even in schools, rehabilitation centers or even at home in recreation rooms.

And the development still continues. Safety always hast to do with good preperation. Due to our long-standing experience in international top-level sports we have developed an amazing quantity of sophisticated training devices. In our range of products you will find well-known and well-proven but also novel and surprisingly professional sports equipment.

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Foeldeak - innovation based on tradition.
The height quality and safety levels that distinguish Foeldeak® sport mats were developed over decades. Our products are continuously developed and improved by implementing feedback from athletes, associations and sports federations.

Foeldeak - certainly well protected.
The safety of athletes and optimum functionality of our sports goods are of paramount importance. Technically well thought-out systems allow athletes fast movements and turns, thus avoiding injuries. We use no metal parts or metal clamps for the fixation of the cover materials of our sport mats.

Foeldeak - quality guaranteed.
Our products meet the heightest quality requirements. Minimum fatigue ensures even under maximum load a long mat life without any loss of quality. This allows us to grant a 3-year guaranty on all Foeldeak manufactured products within the scope of our terms of business.

Foeldeak - Experience and know-how since more than 60 years!

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