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Vennekel® Landing Mat
Versatile reversible mat, for example
  • as additional support in the landing area for pole vault and high jump
  • as additional protection in gymnastics for a joint-gentle landing, especially for landing on your feet when jumping or when landing from the high bar, uneven bars or rings
According to your needs, you can either use the top side, that is provied with SpikeFlex® Protection Mesh or the bottom side, that is covered with extra heavy, anti-slid scrim.
The core contains a highly flexible PUR foam of thickness 10 cm.
  • Available in two variants:
  • Vennekel® Landing Mat Team - size 200 x 200 cm
  • Vennekel® Landing Mat Pro - size 300 x 300 cm
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Water Shed Insert
Heavy or continuing rain or irrigation systems can damange a high jump pit, even if you cover it with a rain hood.
The water collects on the hood so that the increasing pressure and the moisture can inflict irreparable harm on the foams.
You can ensure that the water flows off the rain hood immediately, by putting the Water Shed Insert under the rain hood.
  • Size: 60 x 60 x 30 cm
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GILL International High Jump Crossbar
IAAF certified high jump crossbar of extra-premium quality
The crossbar is made of thick-walled fibreglass, thus it sags only little and it is very durable.
The crossbar is very slip-resistant on the pegs and it is easily perceptible thanks to it´s color design.
This model is used in many international meetings and championships.
  • Length: 400 cm
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Elastic Crossbar
Perfectly suited for training or warm-up before an event
  • extremely elastic - stretchable from 300 cm up to 600 cm
  • extremely tear-resistant
  • can be fixated to the pegs
  • easily perceptible by orange luminous color
  • extremely safe by black and white foam elements
  • The benefits:
  • absolute safety for the athlete
  • no more tiresome replacing of the crossbar
  • you can concentrate on your jumping technique to 100%
  • perfect for training reach jumps
  • perfect for training increased jump heights
Elastic Crossbar
An absolute must-have for high jump and pole vault training!
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High Jump Measuring Stick
  • The simple but precise measuring of the jump height is essential for a trouble-free and quick competition.
    This is done in no time with this functional and easy to handle telescope measuring stick.
    Made of aluminum, it consists of several segments that can be pushed apart easily.
    Each segment engages safely when it is extended to the maximum.
    The measuring stick can be positioned precisely and quickly under the crossbar with the help of the integrated horizontal and vertical spirit levels.
    The measured height can be read comfortabely in the vision panel at the upper end of the base part.
  • Measuring range 66 – 300 cm
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